Potty Training app

Potty Training Learning with the animals : App that engages, illustrates and motivates

Get in the right mood for successful potty training with this great app

Potty Training

A marvelous new potty training tool has hit the Internet, helping parents to teach young toddlers about going to the potty in a fun and interactive way. It uses cute baby farmyard animals to explain the process to children from ages 1 to 4. Endearing horsies, chickadees, and other barnyard animals illustrate in a vibrantly colored interactive story why and how big boys and girls need to go potty. They even do an endearing little "happy dance" after each successful visit to the bathroom.

It is perfect for both boys and girls, teaching who should take them to the potty, who flushes the toilet, and even shows those little "butterflies of happiness" on the faces of the furry farmland creatures. New parents face many difficult challenges in the first few years, but this potty train app will help you to overcome this last bit of "unfinished business" with ease!

Toilet Train: tips and tricks

There comes a time in a child's life where they are ready to ditch the diapers and begin to use the potty. Of course most parents will wish for this sooner than later because it means the end to diapers. However sometimes parents attempt to teach potty training too early while other ones wait a little longer. Fortunately there is good and well documented advice on how to achieve success with potty training.

The first question a parent must ask himself or herself is if their child is ready to begin using the potty. Surprisingly this really isn't about the child's age. Instead a parent must look for more subjective signs from their child. For example does your child take an interest in wearing regular underwear instead of diapers? Is a child able to communicate through words or expressions that he or she needs to use the bathroom? Another indicator that a child ready for toilet training is if the child takes an interest in using the potty or not.

If a child displays these sorts of signs it is usually a safe bet that they are ready to begin toilet training. If a child isn't ready to begin toilet training there is no need to become alarmed. A child that doesn't take to toilet training on the first attempt will normally be successful the second time around. It will take time to teach anyone's child to use the potty on a regular basis.

When a parent attempts potty training, it is recommended that they get a book on the subject for the clearest advice. However with the advancement of smart phones, there are many different toilet training apps that are available. To find the best app, just look at the reviews. They will normally be the highest rated and will be featured. By downloading a good potty training app, a parent will not only be able to get advice but can also get reminders from their phone to take their child to the bathroom.

With the proper education in hand, a parent can then begin teaching their children to use the bathroom. It starts with the basics. The child will need to be introduced to the toilet and be shown how to sit on it and flush it. A parent will also need to make sure that their child can get onto the potty or provide a stool so that they can climb up. It is best to teach boys to sit down to pee before standing up as they may have trouble aiming. Girls will need to be shown how to wipe so that they do not get bladder infections.

Also a parent will need to watch their child for indicators that they need to use the bathroom. If a child appears restless or is touching their genitals, then they should be taken to the bathroom. This is also true if they child asks to go. After a few months of training, a child should hopefully be diaper free. Once this happens a parent should praise their child for their success.